Saturday, June 2, 2012

Still in NC

NC is a long state. I think I have seen 2 days without rain on my journey. Highway 158 has got to be the most unfriendliest stretch of road in America. I have met 3 nice people in 2 weeks on this road. I'll be glad to get off it.
Hard times but I am prevailing!! There is nothing in these towns really. I have some McDonalds coupons but I haven't seen one since VA lol. Rain has soaked me daily, and my gear. My tent has that slightly wet day-old clothes smell. Nothing I do helps it. I spent a day making a makeshift clothesline in a field trying to dry everything out and the smell just seemed to get worse. I smell like a wild animal. maybe that's way (here's the really cool thing lately)...deer come up to my tent at night. And I mean right up to it! One poked me through the tent 2 nights ago with it's head. I unzipped my tent and shined a flashlight around the corner, and there was a good sized deer within arm's reach. We stared at each other and then it snorted and walked away. Scary, because it could have hurt me (and my tent), but incredible that it came up that close. I hear them every night outside my tent now, and it makes me feel safe, because if anybody else was around they would run away.
And after being robbed in my tent, safety is a big factor. I make sure nobody sees me when I dash into the woods to set up my tent for the night, and I even place a few branches on top of it for camouflage. Losing $90 was losing 2 weeks of supplies.
Sooo, (sales pitch lol), if you have been thinking of donating now is a good time. I should be at my friend's house in Tenn in 2-3 weeks. I need new shoes and a new cart, and plenty of food. I am going to transfer the donations to my friend's account a few days before I get there, so he can transfer it into his account and pull it out of the bank and get me some much needed cash.
Until I find another library, enjoy life, and thanks for walking with me. I'll try to have more pics next time. I only get 30 minutes online right now.

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