Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello from Roanoke Rapids, NC

Hello everyone! What a trip it has been so far! Thunderstorms every day. Scary traffic making my progress a few yards a minute for the first few days. I am finally getting about 18-20 miles a day now, even with thunderstorms in the afternoon.
My route is currently in no-man's land. Towns that do not exist anymore, or only have a gas station. I have not seen any kind of grocery store, restaurant or fast-food joint in 4 days. I'm hungry lol.
Cool wildlife is everywhere. I have stopped traffic to rescue a baby turtle from a 4 lane highway (not sure what kind he was bright orange), been chased across a highway by a cottonmouth, seen wild turkeys, a bald eagle, baby woodpeckers, muskrats, deer, bear tracks, and was swiped at by a snapping turtle while balancing on an inclined shoulder.
Been in my tent every night except for the first when I was in the city with nowhere to go. It smells bad lol.
On day 2 my left foot looked like a dog had chewed up a rawhide and then glued it to my foot. It is healing and my feet are used to the mileage now.
People stare at me when they drive by. Very few people wave back at me. A few people have offered me rides and gotten mad when I declined. Total donations so far have been $20, 2 Hardee's apple pies, a can of pepsi, a cheeseburger, and a slice of pizza.
I have learned the best place to ask about a spot to sleep in a small town is the fire department. They have hooked me up 3 times and looked after me.
I'm tired and hungry but I'm having fun! See ya soon. And buy me a bottle of water ;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

one more day

Why is it that people want to drop a bombshell on you when you are saying goodbye? You've had plenty of time to tell me something, and now you tell me the day before I am leaving? What in the world lol. People are strange. Anyways...hitting the road tomorrow morning. Been a long crazy day today.
A little bit of good news...Sandy has decided that he wants to make the trip. He misses the desert sands. I could use some silent company.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hung out with 2 very cool friends last night. The best friends in the world are the ones that you don't see or talk to for a while, but when you do, you just pick up where you left off. I had not seen 1 of them in about 2 months, and it was as though we had hung out the day before. Same connection. Same reading-each-other's minds. People on the same level having intelligent conversation and some great laughs. That's what friends are.
Also saw another friend, and we were talking about US history and how the truth never really gets into history books sometimes. She was at Kent State when everything went down in 1970. Very cool insight into what happened.
I guess that is what my journey will be...gaining a different perspective on things. Looking at the world in a different way. Meeting people from all walks of life and talking to them, human to human.
Two more days...two more days...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 more days

Four more days and the journey begins. So much to do!!!
Still haven't decided on the route. Seattle area up north, or warm and beautiful San Diego to the south?
Northern route would be cold, depending on how fast my journey is. Really don't want to be walking up there in October or later. Southern route would be the opposite...across the desert. Hot or cold? Grizzlies or scorpions? Could just go straight across and wind up in San Fran...nothing wrong with that either. I'll probably just decide when I am mid-country, around Kansas or Oklahoma. I have no deadlines. Just as long as I hit the Pacific Ocean.