Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 more days

Four more days and the journey begins. So much to do!!!
Still haven't decided on the route. Seattle area up north, or warm and beautiful San Diego to the south?
Northern route would be cold, depending on how fast my journey is. Really don't want to be walking up there in October or later. Southern route would be the opposite...across the desert. Hot or cold? Grizzlies or scorpions? Could just go straight across and wind up in San Fran...nothing wrong with that either. I'll probably just decide when I am mid-country, around Kansas or Oklahoma. I have no deadlines. Just as long as I hit the Pacific Ocean.


  1. Sup bro it's Casper I hope you end up in San Diego so we can chill I'm gonna follow you every step of the way....

  2. Spring Hill Kansas. Mark it down plot it out. I will buy you a meal and water bottle for the road. Jack

    1. I'll be there Skyler. I'm going to see my aunt in Springfield, Mizz, and then up to you. When I'm all done, there will be a sharp northern turn just for you lol.