Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hung out with 2 very cool friends last night. The best friends in the world are the ones that you don't see or talk to for a while, but when you do, you just pick up where you left off. I had not seen 1 of them in about 2 months, and it was as though we had hung out the day before. Same connection. Same reading-each-other's minds. People on the same level having intelligent conversation and some great laughs. That's what friends are.
Also saw another friend, and we were talking about US history and how the truth never really gets into history books sometimes. She was at Kent State when everything went down in 1970. Very cool insight into what happened.
I guess that is what my journey will be...gaining a different perspective on things. Looking at the world in a different way. Meeting people from all walks of life and talking to them, human to human.
Two more days...two more days...

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  1. your lucky to have all the great friends that you have... funny how you don't miss them till they are gone and then back again...