Thursday, June 7, 2012

NC will never end.

Will I ever make it out of this state? Lost a day to thunderstorms yesterday, but otherwise I'm getting 20+ miles a day now. Still lots of big hills and curves. I'm in Yanceyville and there is not much here. Looking for a cheap buffet somewhere and I just can't find it. The next Golden Corral I come across is in serious trouble.
Nothing else to report really. More people offering rides, and look at me like I'm crazy when I refuse. I'm still like a local celebrity at the gas stations. People crowd around me asking questions because they have seen me for a day or two. They laugh at me, but they think it's cool and they wish me good luck.
It's cool camping in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Lightning bugs are the only light. Lots of strange animal sounds. I try to set up my tent so I can see through a little break between the branches and gaze at the stars. You can see the Milky Way out here. It's gorgeous. I can't wait for the dessert night sky.
Later peeps. I'll try to say hello from Reidsville tomorrow. After that the road is gonna get crazy. I'll finally be off of US-158W, and I'll have to keep changing roads. And mountains. Oh boy, the mountains.


  1. Hey Hawky!

    Sounds amazing :). You're gonna start swimming once you hit the pacific, right? :p

    All the best for the walk, I'll here watching you along the way :)

    OK, that sounds slightly creepy ...

    ... jossie

    1. Hey jossie!!
      Lol, that's a long swim down there. I thought you were going back to the UK?

    2. Well I'm not going to the UK permenantly ... I'd probably still beat you to NZ, if you were swimming with a shopping trolly :p