Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 From Day one. I took this as a sign lol.


 The boo-boo that refuses to heal.

 hawky, I've been waiting for you!

 Mile markers between Kerr Reservoir and the Tom Dooley area. It was like a game trying to find them. most were hidden by something, like tree branches, weeds, a fence, a guardrail. As you can see by my pack, guardrails are my friend. I can back up to it and just ease my pack off.

 Dinner!!  (just playing) Second turtle I pulled out of the road. I have seen 3 of this species. Anybody know what kind it is? The third was under my tent 1 night. Poor little guy, I thought he was a rock. He was ok the next day. We talked it out.

 I saw this and got so excited! Tom Dooley museum? And a Daniel Boone cabin? And a blacksmith shop? And then, after walking down a side road to it.....

 Letdown. I was very disappointed. Seemed like something somebody built to try to scam some bucks. And they are only open on the weekends, like 3-5. They could have put the hours and prices on the main road sign. hawky was not amused.

 Tom Dooley. He's everywhere.

 Pineola Road. The worst road I have ever been on. This is the recent one with nothing but bugs, going up and up in circles. A lot of trails up there, mostly to waterfalls and lookouts. I was trying to be confident and say "yeah, I got this like a boss!". Didn't last long until I was screaming bloody murder lol.

 This was at a community rec center near Fort Defiance. I was out of water and far from a town. Again, hawky was not amused...

 Plaque for Laura Foster (Dooley's victim). Her grave was across the road in a pasture. Couldn't get in. Well, I could have, but I would have had to jump a fence, so I didn't.

Right off the main road. I was taking a break here, and a lady pulled up and gave me a bottle of ice-cold water. She was into what I was doing. She said she did the entire Appalachian Trail when she was younger.
The structure on the right is actually an open's jam-packed with hay.

I'll try to post more pics. hard to keep a charge on the old cell phone I just use as a camera, so I have missed a lot.


  1. Be careful with those feet!! You need decent boots and socks hawky!! Maybe you could try using some strapping tape on the foot so you're not rubbing on it when you walk? Though if it's ooozing I almost feel like telling you to get your kiwi on and walk bare foot on the verges.

  2. Get some new boots man. Hope you are having fun, glad to hear your doing good. Aside from the foot you got going on :) lol.


  3. I've actually thought about that Jossie, but the litter is so outrageous I am sure I would be slashed apart by broken bottles and whatnot.
    New shoes tomorrow Fook. Good to hear from ya buddy!

  4. Eeeew that sucks! I really don't understand why people litter ... how hard is it to just NOT throw your rubbish on the side of the road?! NZ is pretty clean though. Glad to hear you should have new shoes when you get this!!