Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soul chickens

My friends know I love birds, especially crows (soul chickens). They're fun to watch. Very clever and comical. I have seen crows every single day since I left, and they often are within 10-20 feet of me. When they get that close, I talk to them. I will make a sound (pretend you are kissing someone...that smooch sound lol). I do it 3 times, and wait for them to respond. I keep doing it until they make 3 sounds back. Then I change it to 4 times, and they respond 4 times back. Then back to 3. It trips me out. It makes my day every time that they figure it out and talk back the right amount of times. I call every crow Charlie.
Some old saying about crows guiding your soul from one world to another, so I like seeing them every day. Like my little guardians flying around.
And what is the deal with a mockingbird always winning the fight with a crow? It happens every day.

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