Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shopping Cart--a moral dilemma

So...I keep thinking Catherine Li had the right idea about what wheels to use. She pushed a shopping cart across the country. Easy to throw all your stuff into and just push and go. Most people have used the top end baby strollers (outfitted with better wheels and whatnot). I want a shopping cart to make life easier. And, when you get out west where things are so spread out, and the desert, you need plenty of food and water on you at all times (like about 15-20 gallons of water). Shopping cart is the perfect vehicle.
But, how to get one? Just take it? Most people do. It's stealing, but I would return it in San Diego. It would be helping a good cause. Homeless people have them and they have obviously not been arrested for it. Would I? It's a moral dilemma. Because if I just go to a Wal-Mart or target store manager and explain everything, of course they have to say no because of company policy. But if I just borrowed one, would I be a criminal? Would a cop stop me? It's a moral dilemma.
And about an hour ago, I came across a Wal-Mart shopping cart on the sidewalk here in Roxboro. I was tempted, but I left it alone.
What do you think?


  1. Take the next trolley you see . I think it not stealing it if you find it on the road side. Sounds like you are actually having some real fun ... I bet your glad you got some tunes to listen to . All that walking you must be getting fit ..... Keep well and safe. Speak to you soon.

    1. I was pretty fit before, but yeah, I'm getting stronger every day. My feet have toughened up, my calves are tighter and bigger, and my shoulders are more toned. I have a killer farmer's tan lol.
      The tunes make a big difference. Hard to find a station that comes in clearly in this terrain. I did find a good bluegrass station last night before I went to sleep. Heard a new song called "Take me back to Tulsa, I'm too young to marry". It was awesome!!

  2. just remember brother you are about to hit the mountains pretty shortly... is it gonna help or hinder you there? Those roads are gonna be real narrow, steep, and curvy.... Just something to think on. Better you wait and I will steal one for you. Delemma resolved.

  3. Yeah, I thought about that Brad. Just worried about the little luggage cart I have breaking, and then putting all that weight on my back again. So pray for the cart lol.

  4. Do you have any Aldi out there? They make you put in a quarter to unlock the cart and you get your quarter back when you return it. Plus they are double wides so two kids can ride in it- prolly a nice feature for carrying as much as possible. Not stolen since you paid for it to be unlocked right?

  5. Away hell man... I have a cart in the garage! Too bad I'm on the wrong end of your journey

  6. borrow the next cart you see.... you do intend to give it back at some point.

  7. I think a shopping cart would take away from the experience.. Don't do it. By the way, I have not issue with you taking one!

    Also I think it will slow you down and become a problem. Perhaps you could design a cart that you could pull on your back. A one wheel contraption