Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reidsville, NC

What's up peeps? Relaxing this morning in downtown Reidsville, NC. Cool farmer's market downtown with big crowds. Nice to walk around and browse, even though people look at me like a band-aid in a swimming pool. Big motorcycle rally going on, with a bunch of Christian cyclers. Pretty cool.
last few days have been awesome. On Thursday, I was taking a break in the middle of nowhere (as usual lol). A guy on an old Harley rode by me, looked at me, and circled back. He pulls up by me. Young guy, maybe mid-20s. Biker vest, with the name badge "LOCO". So he look so peaceful just sitting here...what's going on brother? So I tell him what's up, what I'm doing. And he totally gets it!! We talked for about 30 minutes, and he completely understands what I am doing. We talked about God, nature, being spiritual even though you are not a perfect human, even got into a little existentialism. The guy's name is Clay. Best person I have met on the trip so far. We could have talked for hours, but he was late to begin with. Kindred souls talking in front of a young pine tree grove on a dirty back road. It was awesome!
Had to beat up a snake on the road yesterday. Wouldn't leave me alone. Think it was a lack snake, not sure. About 2 feet long. Kept following me and going for my feet. I ran over and found a big stick and put him out of his misery. Sorry Mr. Snake, but I just don't like your kind. Stay away from me and we'll get along just fine.
Yesterday, my lunch was bought by a few strangers. First, a man of about 50 or 60 slowed down by me and stopped. He handed me $6 and said "put that in your pocket boss", and drove away before I could say anything. About 30 minutes later I was walking around a very long curve, watching a young guy on a tractor round up the hay and line it up. He finally gets off the tractor and walks up to me, gives me $10 and says "I don't know how far you're walking or why, but you just turned down 2 rides so something is going on. I hope this helps." And he walked away as soon as I said thanks and bless you. A little while later a lady pulls up, give me $5 and says bless you before roaring off. So, $21 in less than half a day. And it helped, because the only store I ran across was expensive. I was desperate for a hot lunch and some cold beverages (water bottles were empty, could not find a water source), so the money helped refuel me.
It's crazy how nice and generous people are to strangers. They just give and go.
And I get a big kick out of it, because of all the things people have stopped and given's all by people of other races. White people have not given me a single thing. It's all been African-Americans, and 1 Asian. And they are the ones that want to talk to me about what I'm doing, too. It's a funny world.
Not sure what road I'll take out of Reidsville...probably head down through Winston-Salem instead of all the small towns. I have a few choices as far as which route to take. Whichever one feels right I guess. I'm off to find a laundrymat. Not sure what town I'll be able to check in from next, probably W-S, and that will be on Monday or Tuesday. It's a long walk.

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