Wednesday, July 18, 2012

somewhere in TN I go

Just went through a few towns in Roane County that are pretty nice. There is a big lake and a river curving everywhere. People are friendly, area is beautiful. There are a few nice parks on the water. Usual weather...very hot and then a nasty storm.
I was interviewed at a local newspaper, so we'll see if they run a story on me or not. Kind of cool.
I went into a store for a cup of coffee, and when I came out, there was $2 on my pack. I have no idea who left it. Just a random act of kindness. Strangers have donated more than friends so far, which is kind of funny to me. TN is far behind NC so far. I should start a post about roadside donations.
I'm trying to finalize my route to Memphis. Might go through Murfreesboro on the way. I should be in small towns for a while, so no idea when I will come across a library and be able to update things on here. So bear with me. I am behind schedule, wet, and tired.


  1. I was reading your post and it kinda made me sad. I really enjoy following your Journey and think it's great you would share your life experience with us and ask nothing in return. With that said I know your a great guy, I've know you for years and I have never heard one bad thing about you. You have always been kind to me and my Daughter and I consider you more than just a friend. I notice you have more people following you every time I read your post. SO....I would be interested in knowing who is reading and where there from. I sent you some money last month on your Paypal account and I found it really easy to do. This post just made me sad that STRANGERS have been there for you more than your FRIENDS. I would like for that to change today.So!!!!... I know times are hard for everybody, but I don't think one dollar or two would hurt anybody. Even if you don't know Hawky personally but enjoy his post send him a dollar. Looks like there are 200 viewers. Just think one dollar per person could mean the world to him. I'm going to be the first to donate $5...DON"T LET ME DOWN!! If you donate put you initials and where your from. I'm sure he would be interested in knowing who cares. I WOULD!!!! AH.. SUFFOLK VIRGINIA THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!

  2. Ah, Anita, paypal doesn't like me :(. This reminds me I need to e-mail them again actually. Since you asked, I'm Jo, I live in NZ (paypal actually doesn't like my entire country), and I 'met' hawky in a computer game!

    I too am really enjoying following allong with hawky on his journey. I'm not actually surprised that strangers have been more generous though. It's very easy to give to someone you will never see again I think. That said, stranger or friend whichever I am, I would love to be able to give hawky more than just moral support! So all you other readers should!! :p

    And hawky ... keep on walking! <3

  3. Hello Jo, I think that is so cool your in NZ so thanks for posting. Just a suggestion he said his Mom would send care packages to places he will be stopping at or you could send it to a post office for them to hold. I guess you could email him to find out where. With that said I'm going to send him a Care Package to a church for his Birthday 8/30. HINT HINT!!! lol Still Kinda SAD. I sent my $5. So somebody match me or beat me!! His Mom and Family have been great to him in sending things. I think it's time for the FRIENDS to help. JO!.. I would say you are a friend, you don't have to meet someone in person to be there for them. So thanks for supporting him. He is a great guy!!

  4. just home from vacation in the adirondacks where we had no internet....couldnt wait to get home and check in on ya! Just sent you $20.00 via paypal....hope that the very least it will be good for a meal on the road.

    Keep walkin, and keep postin! Love reading about your adventure!

    BIG LOVE TO YA!!!!

    1. WOW!!Thanks for doing that L Nipper. Talk about beating my $ So!!!!... Come on everybody!!... Match or Beat me. I'm sure Hawky could use it. If you can't do $5 or more anything helps. We are at $25!!!Lol

    2. Thank you very much!
      Yeah, jo is my kiwi friend. She has proven to be a keeper!

  5. Your More than Welcome! Hang in there, I'm sure you will receive a blessing when you least expect it. Until then I will be getting your care package together. LOVE YA!!!