Thursday, July 5, 2012

Memphis bound!

What a diffreence a few days can make!!

So, I went exploring Hot Springs, only to find that I had already seen it all lol. Not much there. No strip malls, no traffic lights. Just about 20 or so businesses downtown. Found an incredible hiking store where I could have easily dropped $500 in an hour. They had everything!! Including a great cup of coffee, and a bottle of sarsaparilla to go with dinner later that night. I met some old guys in town for a high school reunion and they were bragging about walking the AT before it was the AT. Next thing ya know, I looked up, and here comes an old guy walking the AT (it goes right through town). It was a really cool sight. He didn't want to take a break and chat though. So, I climbed a big hill on the way out of town and found a big rock that they are setting up for some kind of memorial or something. About waist-high, maybe 4x6 feet...perfect rest spot. Heat was killing me (guy at the welcome center said it was 109). A lady stopped and I recognized her van from a picture in the hiking store. She is like a hiker shuttle service to a hiker hospice. She said I was a perfect photo opportunity sitting on the rock, so she took a few shots of me. Now...where will those photos show up???

Got out of Hot Springs, walked into TN right into a bridge that was out. Tried to cross it and got caught (lol). Long detour later and I found a store, tried to call Brad, and no phone service. Crappy! So I walked and walked, still nothing. Finally got a hold of Brad at about 7 or so. Camped out, and found out the heat had really got me, because I selpt 11 hours straight. And I mean straight.
Hooked up with Brad the next day for 3 nights, and what a difference it made! 3 nights of perfect sleep in a great bed, hot shower, clean clothes, a great friend to hang out with. Heat was over 100 so we stayed indoors most of the time. My feet healed and I feel like a new person.
I also got an awesome care package from my mom, including new shoes (which have made a big difference in my stride!!), protein bars, new hat, more vitamins and socks and other goodies. You rock mom!! So I am reborn in a sense as far as how I feel and how my body feels.
Took the wrong road leaving Brad's, and I am now in Jefferson City (oops lol). Hoping to skirt Knoxville tomorrow and find a Target there for trail mix and energy bars (they have the best mix selection of anywhere I have seen). Then the road will take me to Memphis!! I cannot wait to see it. Going to try to find time to see the Civil Rights Museum while I am there (which is at the hotel where MLK was shot, btw). If nothing else, I want to see that. Goal is to be there before July ends. About 420 miles to go...If I can stay at around 20 miles a day, July is doable.
Need to call my great aunt and see who else is in that path.  So off I go to load up on food at Dollar General. Just found a road atlas for the whole country so I am set.
By the way, it's still freaking hot lol.

Thanks to those of you who are spreading the word about the blog on facebook and other sites. The hits keep rising here. Came close to 200 hits the other day! Don't be afraid to log in and say hello. Your comments keep me going strong.
Later peeps!


  1. Make sure you take some pictures if you can. I loved the last ones. Kinda shocked you did say anything about Elvis!!! lol Stay safe my dear!!

  2. Memphis is awesome! Stayed at the Peabody when we went, at least walk through the lobby...very cool old historic hotel! Fun to watch the ducks march in and out am and pm! If you are there for any period of time, try to hit Sun Recording Studio....all the greats have recorded there (Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins...the list goes on!) You can feel the ghosts of all the great musicians that have stood on the same tiled floor! And for food....The Rendeszvous! The best ribs and bbq beans in town!!!! Keep on truckin man!!!! You are amazing! Leaving for the Adirondacks tomorrow for a week with the family. Talk about beauty and majestic mountains!!! My happy place!

    Be safe! BIG LOVE!!!!!!!